Alechemist Homebrew competition 2024

The historically first annual Tatra homebrew tasting competition "Alechemist 2024" will take place on March 2, 2024, in Poprad.


U Krakena, Námestie svätého Egídia 10, 058 01 Poprad

degustation starts at 10:00, announcement of competition results at 16:00 


All categories have reached the maximum number of registered samples - registration closed

A) American IPA (BJCP - 21A) 

B) German Wheat Beer (BJCP - 10) - 10A. Weissbier; 10B. Dunkles Weissbier; 10C. Weizenbock

C) Dark British Beer (BJCP - 16) - 16A. Sweet Stout; 16B. Oatmeal Stout; 16C. Tropical Stout; 16D. Foreign Extra Stout 

D) European Sour Ale (BJCP - 23A,D,G) - 23A. Berliner Weisse; 23D. Lambic; 23G. Gose
bez pridania ovocia / without fruit


Sample Delivery

Samples can be sent from February 19, 2024, to March 1, 2024, also through Packeta services, to the collection point Z-BOX, Poprad, Svätoplukova 3014/10.

If the collection point is full, please use these alternative collection points:

Z-BOX, Poprad, Uherova 49


Z-BOX, Poprad, Dlhé hony 4588/1


When sending samples via Packeta, please provide the following recipient information:

Name and surname: Adam Šulík

Phone number: +421949807969


In the case of delivering shipments from countries other than the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic, please contact

In exceptional cases, it is possible to submit samples on the day of the competition, March 2, 2024, no later than 9:30 a.m.

Individual delivery of samples is possible only by agreement via email at

The rules

The entry/donation intended to cover the costs of organizing the competition for one registered sample is 6 €, which must be sent together with the competition sample.

 Each participant can register a maximum of one sample in one category. In total, a participant can enter all 4 categories (a total of 4 samples).

 The registered sample must be delivered in a minimum of 2 (two) glass bottles with a crown cap closure (2x 0.5l or 2x 0.33l). Samples delivered in a container other than glass will not be accepted. The registered sample must be labeled only with the identification details from the registration form (beer name, brewer's name, precise category definition such as 'Dark British Beer, 16A sweet stout') – the label must be attached with a rubber band (see image). Plastic (PET) bottles, bottles labeled with a label (except the mandatory identification label attached with a rubber band), logos, embossed closures, labels, and similar will not be accepted. Glass bottles sealed with a patent closure will not be accepted. If the registered sample does not meet the specified conditions, it may be disqualified from the competition.

 Registered samples in the respective category will be evaluated according to international rules and criteria of the BJCP 2021 system.

 Winning samples will be rewarded not only with diplomas but also with material prizes.

 The overall winner of the competition – Best of Show, will have the opportunity, by agreement, to brew their winning beer at the Folkvang craft brewery. The overall winner of the competition - Best of Show will have the right to choose one competition category for the next year's Alechemist 2025 competition.

 Scanned written evaluations (tasting sheets) will be sent to each participant's email address under which the sample was registered after the end of the competition.


The competition organizer reserves the right to make changes.

Mandatory bottle labels